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I'm an Army wife and aspiring author, published by Evernight Publishing. I primarily write M/M, but I'm starting to branch out. I'm not very good at technology, but I'm hoping this blog gives me the opportunity to communicate with other authors and readers. My life is kept interesting by my soldier, Ringo the chihuahua, and all the amazing people that I consider friends. I also work entirely too much as a coach at a local gym, a caregiver at a church nursery, and a freelance baker.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Musical Monday 9/3

Happy Labor Day! I wish I could say I did something useful, but mostly I just drank Blueberry Lemonade Smirnoff and wrote the start of a story I'm sure will have to be scrapped tomorrow. Joy!

I was singing this song in the bathtub earlier. Both parts. I'm awesome at life. 

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