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Friday, August 24, 2012

Featured Book: The Mercenary Slave

Fellow Evernight author, Elyzabeth M. VaLey is here to share a bit about her newest book, The Mercenary Slave. She's even got an excerpt for us as well!

Take it away, E!

Thank you, Kaytlyn for having me at your blog today!

Hi everyone! I’m here to tell you a little more about my recent release The Mercenary Slave, book 2 of “The Mercenary Tales”.


Ambushed, captured and sold...

After losing his best friend, Wybert is forced to give up his life as a mercenary and become a pleasure slave. The daunting task becomes harder than expected when the attraction to his slave master goes beyond the bedchamber.

Izz-Sarava was content with his life as the Zshanti's slave master until the new serf appeared. Somehow, under his presence, his control slips and his heart becomes exposed.

As their feelings develop, will they be able to overcome a past that haunts them to pursue a future together?

From book one, The Mercenary Knight, Wybert came off as the large-brutish mercenary with a heart of gold. Gentle and patient, the loss of his long time friend, Gregorii, leaves him devastated. Furthermore, he is kidnapped and sold into slavery. There, he meets the man that will heal his heart: Izz- Sarava.

Initially, when I began plotting The Mercenary Slave, Izz-Sarava did not exist. He appeared by surprise at Wybert’s slave auction. The moment he appeared I knew Wybert had fallen for him, and in truth, so had I.

Let me not spoil the story for you *wink*. I hope you enjoy this little excerpt I’ve picked out.


Sighing quietly, he tried to shuffle his shackled feet. He felt like a piece of cattle before a bunch of hungry wolves. Men and women stared up at him, appraising his features: the strength of his arms, the thickness of his thighs, or the width of his shoulders. He stood vulnerable before them with nothing more than a strip of cloth that barely covered his cock and left his ass exposed. Another reason not to run, he thought glumly. Fleeing partially naked in the middle of nowhere was not a bright idea.

In an attempt to stifle a yawn, Wybert glanced at his feet. His head snapped up. The hair on his arms stood on end. Someone was watching him carefully. He inspected the mob below, trying to find the eyes that were dissecting him. As sudden as it had come, the source of his unease passed. Taking in a shaky breath, his eyes widened as he caught sight of a retreating figure at the edge of the crowd. He knew without a doubt that the woman encased in a black hood, gliding towards the exit had been his observer.

The woman passed through the large double doors and Wybert lost sight of her. Had she bided for him? He lost his train of thought when a shiver of awareness raced down his spine. If his hands had been free, he would have turned and swept out his cutlass, prepared for an oncoming attack. Instead, he remained immobile, listening, and hoping that amid the ruckus he could sense where the danger lay. As the seconds ticked by, the jumpy feeling evaporated, leaving in its stead a warm glow. His cock twitched, responding to the heated stare scorching his skin. Wybert cleared his throat, uncomfortable.

“Get down, giant man. We found a buyer for you.”

Wybert jumped. He had not seen Maximus climb the dais. “You very lucky giant.” The man grinned, clearly feeling pleased by the deal he had struck. He beckoned for Wybert to follow as he stepped down. “You’ve been sold for good gold and into a good family.”

Wybert bowed his head, saying nothing. Sold. His freedom forever gone, his life placed into the hands of a stranger.

“What are you telling him, Max?”

Wybert’s heart sped up at the sound of the deep musical voice. He lifted his gaze and found himself staring into a pair of emerald green eyes, highlighted by a thin line of black paint. He swallowed hard. The man nodded at him and turned to Max with a questioning glance.

“Nothing, Izz-Sarava, nothing of importance. I’m just explaining to the slave that God’s glory has smiled upon his fortune for him to be going to such a good family.”

While Maximums rambled, Wybert tried not to stare at the man called Izz-Sarava. He was a beautiful specimen, stunning even. His strong, square jaw was free of any facial hair, allowing his pale complexion and high cheekbones to shine through. His mouth was wide, pink and full, his nose straight and slightly upturned at the tip. His long hair, the color of honey, was swept into a high ponytail that cascaded down his back. Nearly as tall as Wybert but very slender, he was dressed in black leather pants and a bright red wool cape. Years of experience on the road warned Wybert that underneath the clothes and the appearance of frailty probably lay a strong man.

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  1. Sounds look a cool book, thanks for letting me know!

  2. Sounds like a powerful attraction starts here. Nice excerpt, Elyzabeth. Congratulations on the new release.

  3. And thank you for having me, Kaytlyn! :)