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Monday, August 6, 2012

Musical Monday 8/6

Today's song is totally different from anything else I've posted.

I've been feeling super nostalgic about music lately. I used to play clarinet and bass clarinet back in my school days. I miss it more than ever. I've even started looking for an instrument, that's how much I miss it.

This piece is so moving and it holds so many memories. An American Elegy was arranged by Frank Ticheli to commemorate the victims and survivors of the Columbine school shooting. We played this at a school concert on the 10th anniversary of the event. There's really nothing that compares to being a part of something like that. You feel so connected with your fellow band members. The music moved some of the audience to tears and after the last note sounded, there was a moment of silence that can't be described.

Alright, enough of my ramblings.

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