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I'm an Army wife and aspiring author, published by Evernight Publishing. I primarily write M/M, but I'm starting to branch out. I'm not very good at technology, but I'm hoping this blog gives me the opportunity to communicate with other authors and readers. My life is kept interesting by my soldier, Ringo the chihuahua, and all the amazing people that I consider friends. I also work entirely too much as a coach at a local gym, a caregiver at a church nursery, and a freelance baker.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How To Explain

Many people in my life know that I am a published author, but not many know what I write. It's not a rare thing for me to have to explain it. Generally, I just say romance because that's exactly what I write.

Well...my husband and I have a new roommate and he was making conversation about my writing. He asked how much I have out there, what I'm working on, etc. Then he said those words, "I think I'd like to read it."

To which I reply, "No you don't."

He says, "What? Because it's romance? I don't think romance is girly, I read them all the time."

Well, I respond with, "The type of romance I write is the opposite of girly."

He looked confused.

I clarified, "There are no girls."

Safe to say, he got it then.

And I found a new way to explain to people what I write.



  1. WOW! Nice! I love how you worded it. If I ever get published, I'll use this wise words :D