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I'm an Army wife and aspiring author, published by Evernight Publishing. I primarily write M/M, but I'm starting to branch out. I'm not very good at technology, but I'm hoping this blog gives me the opportunity to communicate with other authors and readers. My life is kept interesting by my soldier, Ringo the chihuahua, and all the amazing people that I consider friends. I also work entirely too much as a coach at a local gym, a caregiver at a church nursery, and a freelance baker.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lego Advent Calendar: Day 9

I'm feeling extra epic today. Maybe it was the Dos Equis I had. Maybe it's because I got to shoot things with a gun! Don't ask me what kind of gun. All I know is it went bang. I'm not very good at aiming, so that paper target man's crotch never stood a chance. I take that as a sign I could at least protect myself.

Day Nine: Pooch the Plumber

The first thing I noticed about this guy is that his wrench is almost comically huge compared to the rest of his body. My second thought: What exactly is he supposed to be fixing? I don't have any Lego sinks or Lego toilets. He's about as useless as Clyde (since there has yet to be a fire).

So basically my Lego town is now an episode of Two and a Half Men, except with slightly less cocaine and much less crazy religious fanaticism.

Let me just end by saying, you're definitely going to want to check by here again tomorrow. Not only will there be Legos, but Evernight is having another awesome blog hop you don't want to miss.


  1. Maybe Pooch & Clyde are "special" friends. Loving these posts, almost as good as having one myself.