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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Snow White cover reveal

So, my next novella is set to release July 13th! Like I've said before, it's different than what I normally do, but I think the story is a lot of fun and hope that everyone will enjoy it.

I'm super happy with this cover. I mean...look at the boobies!
Blurb: Darcy King has had enough. With a sexy distraction, she manages to escape from the guards at North Tower, where she has been a virtual prisoner since her stepmother sent her there nine years ago. After wandering through the forest, she encounters seven outrageous drag queens begins dancing at their night club under the stage name Snow White.
Aric Hunstman was hired to kidnap Darcy, but finds he is helpless against her beauty. He changes his ways and when Darcy’s friend, Nick Prince, discovers that Darcy just might be the rightful heir to her father’s fashion empire, he dedicates himself to helping her claim her birthright. After a poisoned martini nearly derails their plans, Nick and Aric can’t seem to get over their disagreement about which one of them deserves Darcy’s affections.
Darcy is tired of others directing her life and decides to finally start taking what she wants.


  1. Love that cover! Looking forward to this book.

  2. Oh, wow! the blurb is amazing! I love how you took Snow white and turned it into a romance story in such a creative way. Congrats! Love the cover too. So sexy!*_*