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Monday, June 11, 2012

Musical Monday 6/11

Down to 8 days until Hero is released so I thought I'd share one of the songs that I listened to while writing it. Separation is inevitable in any military relationship. This particular song is one that I listened to a lot while my husband (then fiance) was in Iraq. It helped me get back in that frame of mind so that I could make the separations in the book feel more real.

It's hard to believe the next time I do a Musical Monday post, it'll be the day before Hero comes out! 


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    1. It is a touching song. I almost posted the military tribute edition of the video, but that would have made everyone (especially me) cry like babies.

  2. I love 3 Door Down! And have since their first album. I was lucky enough to see them in concert a few years ago. Amazing!

    Citizen Soldier is another awesome song. Then again, most of their songs are :)

    1. :) I like them a lot. There are a few others by them that have made their way on to my playlist.